How To Develop A Wellness Plan

A wellness plan is a plan of things you would like to achieve to improve your overall health and satisfaction. Wellness describes the condition as a comprehensively healthy body and mental satisfaction. There are many dimensions to personal health, and each is good to take care of, develop, and care for to achieve optimal balance. The wellness plan should include all these different aspects of a healthy lifestyle: physical, spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, work and environmental.

Find out how you are doing

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Assess how you are doing at the moment. Overall health depends on your physical condition and eating habits. This means, for example, not neglecting regular medical examinations and using preventive care. You should stop smoking, drink too much alcohol and do not take drugs under any circumstances. Think about the answers to these questions so you can better estimate your current overall health:

What are your physical goals? ´Are you interested in working with a professional coach or at least have the opportunity to consult an experienced coach?

Do you want to improve your overall fitness or are you interested in building muscles, strengthening your body, cardiovascular health, shaping your arms and so on?

Do you want to build stronger muscles, or are you more interested in increasing endurance and energy?

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Assess your eating habits. Eating habits have a direct impact on the proper nutrition of your body and overall health promotion.

Think about your current diet and how it serves your health. Be aware of areas where you have room for improvement.

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Assess your state of mind. Mental health affects the way you deal with difficult situations and whether your emotions are in balance.

Assess how mentally you are at the moment. What emotions do you deal with most often? How do you deal with them? What would you like to change or improve in your mental state?

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Assess your level of spiritual health. Spiritual wellness is not related to religion or personal faith, but to how you perceive the meaning of life and your place in it.

Spiritual wellness means that in your inner life you find meaning, hope, pleasure and peace, whether through work, nature, art, music, family or volunteering.

How are you doing today with spiritual health? Do you feel fulfilled in life? Do you lack a sense of purpose or meaning in life?

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Assess how you are in the area of ​​emotions and interpersonal relationships. The emotional and relationship situation is reflected in how you realize, accept and balance your feelings and the feelings of the people around you. Having healthy relationships and emotions means feeling the support of others and being more resilient. In contrast, poor emotional health can have a negative effect on lack of energy and satisfaction with life.

Think about your current relationships, the amount of stress, self-confidence and overall life. Are there areas you would like to improve?

Are you happy Do you feel that your relationships or emotions are pulling you to the ground?

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Assess your level of intellectual satisfaction. This is related to the amount of information and knowledge you receive and the amount of creative, critical and analytical thinking you create. Learning, problem solving, and mental work are important aspects of intellectual satisfaction.

Think about your intellectual satisfaction. Are you stimulating enough, or do you feel bored?

Do you have enough creative life?

How often do you use critical and analytical thinking?

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Assess your level of social satisfaction. Social satisfaction is related to how you perceive your place in the world and in society, and how you adapt to your social roles.

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Think about your social satisfaction. Do you feel good and safe in your social roles?

Can you easily take on new social roles?

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Assess your job satisfaction. This aspect of personal satisfaction is related to a positive approach to work as well as having a job that enriches and entertains you.

Think about your professional satisfaction. Do you feel fulfilled and happy in your job?

Do you feel sufficiently rewarded at work?

Do you feel that your work enriches you?

Are you happy with the career you have chosen?

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Assess your financial satisfaction. Financial satisfaction includes a sense of financial stability and financial health.

Consider the level of your financial health. Can you live on your income?

Are you financially secure for the future?

Do you have a balanced budget and do you stick to it?

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Assess your environmental satisfaction. This aspect of life satisfaction is related to your environment and environmental awareness. Your health is closely linked to the environment in which you live.

Think about your satisfaction with the environment. Do you have enough fresh air, water, sun?

Do you regularly have time to appreciate the environment around you?

Are you trying to save energy and live in sustainable development?

Set the right goals

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Set goals related to physical satisfaction. Once you are aware of all aspects of your physical, it’s time to set goals. Make sure your goals are easy and achievable. You don’t want to be frustrated by a challenging goal that you set yourself at the beginning and can’t handle.

For example, you can go to the local fitness center and find out about fitness assessments. Talk to your doctor before working on your plan to improve your physique, especially if you are overweight or have other health problems.

Start walking more often. Park your car away from the entrance and go your own way. Use stairs instead of an elevator or escalator. Walk around the block or go for a walk with the dog.

Talk to your doctor if you are overweight or have had other serious health problems such as heart or respiratory disease, arthritis and other illnesses. Your doctor will help you come up with safe, reasonable goals.

Remember that the physical activity you choose must be something you love and enjoy, not just an activity that someone has persuaded you to do. If you enjoy the activity itself, you are more likely to stay with it.

Gradually work your way up to even more activity. If you’ve only spent a moderately active life in the last five years, you probably can’t race in triathlon right away. Start slowly and slowly and increase your activity gradually until you are able and ready.

Be patient and try a slower activity like yoga, tai chi or qigong first. These ancient physical (and mental) exercises can help you improve your health, reduce stress levels, relieve pain and improve balance and strength.

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Set goals in the area of ​​eating habits. How do you know which diet is best for you when all the recommendations contradict each other? Try to start with a few relatively simple rules:

Consider consulting a nutritionist who can help you with the ideal nutrition plan for you and your body.

Eat food in the most natural form possible. Try to limit your intake of processed foods and cook from scratch. Learn to use a slow cooker and stick to basic foods such as rice, legumes and vegetables if you are pressed for time. You can also try cooking food for the whole week in advance and storing it in the freezer until you want to eat it.

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Limit the consumption of red meat (prefer meat from animals that have grown on pasture). Eat more fish (rather caught than farmed) and skinless poultry.

Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat. You should eat more vegetables than fruit because fruit contains a lot of sugar.

Drink more water.

Watch out for food allergies. If you suspect you are hypersensitive to a particular food, try to eliminate it from your diet for at least two weeks. Foods that most commonly cause allergies include gluten, dairy products, milk / lactose, nuts, crustaceans, eggs and soy.

Check the website of the Ministry of Health or some health care organization for tips on nutrition for children, nursing women, men and the elderly.

Give yourself 30 days to really experience the new habits and fully assess their impact. The first time you make a change, your body may be going through a transformation / detox, which is not always pleasant, but necessary for long-term results. Following the plan one hundred percent at all times can be a very challenging step, so surround yourself with people who support you and who know about your decisions – it can help you persevere.

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Set goals for mental health. Mental satisfaction requires a lot of work, but even if you have suffered from depression, anxiety or other mental disorders, you can significantly improve your satisfaction with the right actions. Try the following ways to combat depression, anxiety, and stress:

Every day find some time for quiet relaxation.

When you feel stressed, go for a walk.

Make time for some relaxing activities you enjoy, such as reading, gardening, watching movies and more.

Learn and use different breathing techniques. For example, learn to breathe in the so-called abdomen, instead of the chest. This technique allows your diaphragm – the flat muscle below the lungs – to lower thanks to the involvement of the abdominal muscles. Take such a deep breath at least 100 times a day.

Practice positive reassurance. Some types of positive reassurances are, for example, saying “yes, I can do it”, “I am successful”, “I feel better every day”, etc. You can write down these assurances and post them somewhere where you can still see them.

You can seek the help of a psychologist or therapy group.

Remember: If you are taking medication for a mental disorder or illness, never stop taking it or change the dose without consulting your doctor. This can be very dangerous and you should always consult an expert about such changes.

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Set a goal for spiritual health. You can use the same techniques as for mental satisfaction. Here are some examples:

Learn breathing techniques and use them. Breathe into your abdomen instead of your chest. This technique will allow your diaphragm – the flat muscle below the diaphragm – to sag due to the expansion of the abdominal muscles. Take a breath like this every day.

Meditate for a while several times a week. The more you get used to meditation, the more you can gradually increase the meditation time you perform.

Remind yourself to stay calm “in every situation”.

Come up with a wellness plan and follow it

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Think about areas in which you need improvement. Be honest with yourself and answer how satisfied you feel in that area of ​​life. This way you will be able to create a wellness plan tailored exactly to your needs.

Rate each area from 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst and 10 being the best.

This will help you identify which area needs your attention.

But keep in mind that one area is related to another, so you don’t have to see improvement if you focus on just one area of ​​life and overlook the others.

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Set goals. Once you figure out which areas need your care, you can start setting goals.

In each area, write down what you would specifically like to achieve. Create achievable short-term goals that will gradually move you to larger and longer-term goals.

Remember that long-term goals must also be meaningful and achievable. For example, if you are 25 years old, it makes sense to be financially secure at the age of 65. It is, of course, nonsense to set a long-term goal of becoming a billionaire within thirty years.

Have patience with yourself. Personal development is not completed overnight and is never easy. But it can be managed, so don’t lose determination and courage if change doesn’t happen immediately.

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Keep records of your progress. Create a diary or a list where you write down every aspect of personal satisfaction and write down the goals you want to achieve for everyone.

Think about yourself regularly: do you feel happier, happier? Do you have more energy, is the world more fun and you smile more often? Are you happier in your relationships?

Then fill out a calendar to keep track of your progress. Record important dates and milestones to see your progress. Start by setting the basics of satisfaction for a particular aspect, writing down your goals, and reviewing your calendar again in a month or two.

When you see positively what you have achieved, it can be the best motivation for you.

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Update your wellness plan. The longer you work on your satisfaction, the more often you will find that achieving some goals takes longer or shorter than you expected. Or you will realize that you no longer really want to achieve some goals. So always go through your plan again every approximately 6 months and think about what you need. So your wellness plan will always be in line with your personal growth and progress.

The process of achieving life satisfaction is dynamic. Your needs, your goals, the environment in which you live, and your relationships may change over time. Then you will want to decide how to change with them.

While your particular situation may change as you keep your goals in sight, you may have more control over how those changes affect you. For example, let’s say you aim to lose five pounds in six months. After the deadline, rethink your goal. Are you satisfied with your current weight? Do you want to continue losing weight? If your weight suits you, your goal now may be to maintain your weight. If you want to lose weight further, renew your goal of losing 5 kilos in the next six months.

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Find the support of other people. Having the support of others can be key to maintaining motivation and determination. Those who support you can provide you with support and assistance in times of emergency and perhaps join you in your efforts.

Get professional help and advice if you need it. For example, if you want to improve your diet and nutrition to achieve physical and mental satisfaction, you can book a consultation with a nutrition therapist.

If you are looking for financial stability, meet with a financial advisor.

Join a therapeutic group that addresses the area where you need help and support.

Find a “sparring partner” – such as a friend, wife or family member – for some aspects of your wellness plan. For example, if you want to improve your financial situation, involve your spouse to first improve your relationship and emotional balance.

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