How To Get Rid Of Anxiety

Learn to control your anxiety and be happier and healthier. In the following article, we offer you several ways to get rid of anxiety.

Avoid anxiety immediately

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Breathe. Anxiety is closely linked to poor breathing. Anxious people tend to stop breathing or, conversely, start breathing very quickly. Slowing down and controlling your breath will help prevent hyperventilation and allow the body to eliminate carbon dioxide and prevent anxiety after it has hit you.

Inhale slowly and gently through your nose for five to seven seconds.

Then hold your breath for three to four seconds.

Exhale slowly and gently through tight lips for seven to nine seconds.

Repeat this deliberate breathing process 10 to 20 times.

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Eat. Long-term diets cause anxiety, while proper food quickly reduces it.

Hypoglycemics experience anxiety when their blood sugar drops. When this happens, the body immediately begins to demand a sweet, sugar-containing meal.

Fruit is good. For example, orange juice, apple, peach, apricot, pear or various berries can help.

Even simple sugars can provide a quick kick. You can quickly raise your blood sugar with white bread, biscuits, various sweets or carbonated lemonades. However, long-term consumption of these foods is unhealthy and harmful, so you should only use it in case of emergency as a last resort.

Always choose caffeinated lemonades and sugary drinks. He makes anxiety worse.

In the long run, you should avoid fatty and sweet foods. Instead, include foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids (such as fish) and B vitamins (almonds, nuts) among your diet.

In the future, it is also better to consume complex carbohydrates and to eliminate simple ones. Complex carbohydrates are processed by the body much longer, which helps to regulate sugar levels more evenly and thus eliminates the cause of anxiety.

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Drink water. Dehydration causes feelings of fatigue, irritability and anxiety. Proper hydration will quickly correct the anxiety caused by exposing the body to a lack of fluids.

Various sports drinks are also a good choice, which hydrate you and at the same time balance the electrolytes in your body.

For some people, drinking water also has a therapeutic effect. Your mind will dissipate and you will relieve your anxiety by focusing only on holding the glass and your body flooded with a beneficial fluid.

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Run it. Exercise is extremely effective for quick relief from anxiety. With increasing anxiety, more adrenaline is released. Aerobic activity will use the washed out adrenaline and you will be relieved as a result.

Suitable exercises include running, swimming, cycling, jogging or brisk walking.

Exercise burns stress hormones and relieves body tension. At the same time, you flush out endorphins that will boost your mood. Exercise also forces you to breathe effectively and distract the mind.

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Let it out. Instead of trying to fight anxiety, look for ways to physically ventilate it. Anxiety often gets worse if you try to suppress it. Therefore, find safe ways to shake her off and feel much better.

Find a safe place where no one will disturb you for a few minutes.

Roar in the pillow, burst into tears, laugh hysterically, beat in bed, throw pillows and plush toys, or just jump around the room.

Get everything out of you. Anxiety often manifests itself in the feeling that you are in trouble. Don’t resist and let anxiety pass through the tears.

Before embarking on a furious rage in an effort to get rid of anxiety, remove all fragile objects from your surroundings.

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Do not exceed certain limits. Do nothing to cause injury.

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Try aromatherapy. By using the right scents, you can stimulate the limbic system and create a calming feeling that will gradually pass through your body.

Lavender is very popular in aromatherapy for its relaxing effects, but you can also use coconut, jasmine, lemongrass and much more.

Immerse yourself in a soothing foam bath or light incense sticks, incense or candles.

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Talk to someone responsible. From a trusting perspective, contact with a friendly face can be a very reassuring and practical way to get rid of developing anxiety. Choose a friend or family member who knows you well and can be calm and give you the right support. Share your anxiety with such a person and ask for their advice or opinion.

If you talk to other people about your anxiety, you can gain an objective insight into what events behind your current situation may be.

In addition, talking to your loved ones can have a calming effect on its own, as it will give you the feeling that there is at least one person who is there for you and will help you whenever you need it.

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Change your mood with music. Music has amazing effects on most people. When choosing suitable music, focus on cheerful and soothing tones and do not try to match the music with your current state and mood.

Even though natural instincts tell you to do something that suits your sad mood, you should listen to music that rather reflects how you would like to feel.

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Do some research. Fear of the unknown is the biggest component of your anxiety. If you feel anxious about something you don’t know much about, do a little research, try to understand things better, and make a plan to achieve or manage it.

For example, if you are traveling alone for the first time and you are anxious about what it will be like, do some research to be as prepared as possible for all possible circumstances. Read a lot of articles, reviews and experiences of people who were like you, but also experienced travelers.

Preventing anxiety in the future

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Schedule your anxiety. Since it is completely impossible to prevent anxiety thoughts altogether, set aside a certain time or time for them when you give them free passage and allow yourself to succumb to anxiety.

Schedule about 15-30 minutes off each day, which you will not deal with when you get anxious. It is ideal to choose the same time and place every day.

If you have any anxious thoughts outside of your allotted time, write them down on a piece of paper and say that you will have plenty of time to think about such things during your scheduled break.

Think about your anxieties during the allotted time. You may find that some of them have completely disappeared, but some are still bothering you. Therefore, allow yourself to be reasonably anxious.

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Make a list of objective questions. By writing a few questions you can ask yourself, you will help yourself to face the reasons for different types of anxiety in the future. Once you can rationalize anxiety, you will find that it ceases to have such power over you. Scroll through your question list whenever you realize you are falling into anxiety.

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For example, you can include the following:

What is the evidence that something is really going wrong?

What evidence is there to support the notion that the matter is not really as terrible as it may seem?

What are the chances that the worst case scenario will actually occur?

What are the most likely results?

What advice would I give a friend if he experienced a situation similar to mine?

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Build a support group. Of course, you can randomly choose your loved ones and friends with whom you will discuss your problems, but it is still advisable to build a kind of base for several people, whom you can turn to at any time and confide in them.

Learn to recognize how people affect you in your life. Some of them are more tense than others. You may also find that some take your anxiety too personally and try to talk you out of it by talking about yourself. Such people should not belong to a group of your confidants. You should also avoid people who do not keep secrets.

Before you invite someone to your group of trustees permanently, sit down with them for a while and ask them if it’s okay for you to confide in you and consult with them from time to time.

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Find out what calms you down. We all prefer different ways of relaxation. For some, reading a book or writing a diary can be very reassuring. For others, it’s sports or playing a musical instrument. Find out what activities affect you in this way and prepare to be able to do this activity immediately after you get anxious.

Other methods of dealing with anxiety

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Try to reduce anxiety by mindfulness through meditation. Mindfulness meditation is basically about the process of inducing a state of non-reactive consciousness. In this meditation, you can look at your anxiety from other angles and more objective aspects.

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Try to hypnotize . Try to get into a harmonious state of mind during your anxiety. If you reach such a state correctly, you will be able to lead your mind wherever you want.

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Change your eating habits to prevent anxiety in the long run. Some foods cause anxiety, while others are downright soothing.

Good foods and nutrients include: omega-3 fatty acids, chamomile tea, tryptophan, complex carbohydrates, B vitamins, coffee root, protein, valerian root and sown oats.

Unsuitable foods and nutrients include: omega-6 fatty acids, alcohol and caffeine.

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Try an herbal treatment. There are a number of herbs that have been given the power to reduce anxiety. These include, for example, lemon balm, passion fruit, lavender or fennel. Find out how to use these herbs to get the best results in reducing your anxiety.

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Fight anxiety with yoga. Yoga is a relaxing and gentle form of exercise that relieves mental and physical tension. So it is a very suitable type of activity that you can use to fight your anxiety.

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Avoid anxiety before it strikes. If you are prone to frequent anxiety, you should take certain steps that will change your overall thinking. The result should be a reduction in the number of events during which you will have to face anxiety.

Specific situations causing anxiety

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Get rid of the anxiety of driving a car. If you are a teenager about to learn to drive and are afraid to get behind the wheel, you may feel very anxious. You can usually reduce these conditions by enrolling in driving courses and preparing well for the driving test. You will gradually gain the necessary experience and security without having to work too hard.

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If you are an adult, you may need to take a few more steps to get rid of your driving fear, especially if you have a fully developed phobia based on previous experience. You should start with a therapy and tension management course first.

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Learn how to deal with the anxieties of public appearances . Such anxiety comes when you have to speak in public, play in a play, sing in front of an audience, or perform anything else in front of other people. To get rid of this anxiety, you have to go through the public speech very slowly.

Get rid of anxiety before you make a public speech. Anxiety about speaking in public is one of the most common. Coping with this anxiety requires a thorough knowledge of the topic you will be talking about and staying calm throughout the speech.

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Get rid of test anxiety. If you suffer from anxiety about graduation or other important exams, try to relieve it by thoroughly preparing and kicking your self-confidence.

Anxiety diseases and disorders

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Fight anxiety attacks. If you suffer from severe anxieties that come in the form of panic or anxiety attacks, you will need to take a few steps to manage them. Take prescribed anxiety medications and call a doctor whenever necessary.

Learn to prevent anxiety by physically relaxing your body and distracting from the source of the anxiety. Most anxieties arise from exaggerated thinking. Distract your thoughts by spending time with friends and engaging in various hobbies and activities. For example, various puzzles and puzzles that require high concentration are suitable.

Also prevent mild anxiety attacks. Mild anxiety attacks can grow into greater and more serious ones if you do nothing with them the moment they strike. There are several ways to deal with such minor anxiety attacks, including writing a diary in which you record your anxieties and feelings.

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Seek immediate treatment for generalized anxiety disorder. If you suffer from severe anxiety attacks, you may have “GAD ” or “generalized anxiety disorder “. If you want to eliminate the anxiety, you must seek treatment for your disorder. Therapy, medication and lifestyle change are definitely possible.

Ask yourself if your anxiety is accompanied by depression. Anxiety and depression are often two sides of the same coin. Although the most important treatments include therapy, medication, and lifestyle change, the path you take to take these steps varies depending on whether or not your anxiety is accompanied by clinical depression.

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Get rid of social anxiety. Depending on the severity of your social anxiety, you should consider participating in professional therapies. Otherwise, gradually try to participate in social situations that arouse anxiety in you. Before entering such a situation, calm your body and mind and say that you will somehow reward yourself in the end.

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Learn to control your travel anxiety . People who experience anxiety may find travel much more difficult than others. However, you can relieve yourself of unpleasant anxieties by planning and making your travel experience more pleasant and thus manage the whole trip better or even enjoy it.

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