How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath Immediately

Nothing can shake your self-confidence like bad breath. A sudden gust reveals it to you at some important meeting and the confidence is gone. You refuse to approach your partner because you are worried that he will feel sick. You feel that if you breathe on a flower, it will wither immediately. If this is your case, then know that there are things you can do to suppress an unpleasant breath as soon as you notice it. However, if you have this problem often, then you should remember the last time you visited a dental office. Bad breath can be caused by gingivitis, periodontitis, foods with a strong aroma, gastritis or improper brushing of the teeth, leaving food residue.

Correction of bad breath by means of dental hygiene

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Bring a toothbrush with you. Some people who suffer from halitosis (bad breath) or concerns about the quality of their breath always carry a toothbrush. Also prepare a small tube of paste. If you don’t have a paste, it doesn’t matter. All you need is a brush and tap water that can remove microbes after a meal as well. You can buy small, portable toothbrushes cheaply in almost all supermarkets or pharmacies.

You can also carry a package of disposable miniature toothbrushes with you. You will not get them dirty and you can be sure of their sterility with each use.

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Use dental floss. You can also supplement or completely replace brush cleaning with floss. Many dental flosses have a pleasant menthol flavor that can greatly improve your breathing.

Dentists recommend using dental floss after each meal to make sure there are no food particles left between your teeth. If this seems too laborious, use the thread at least once a day – preferably at bedtime. It will help you suppress bad breath.

Using floss after every meal is one of the best methods to combat bad breath.

Therefore, consider wearing dental floss or similar aids (such as interdental brushes) with you at all times.

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Use Listerine or another type of antibacterial mouthwash. Listerin is sold in practical bottles, which you can comfortably carry even in the narrow pockets of the bag. Gargle for twenty seconds and then spit out the water. Mouthwash will help remove bacteria that cause bad breath and at the same time add a pleasant fresh scent. Make sure you choose mouthwash that is designed to fight gingivitis and plaque.

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Listerine also produces tapes that dissolve on the tongue. They are specially designed for instant breath freshening, but beware – they can be quite strong.

Chewing for better breath

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Chew sugar-free chewing gum. Sugar-free chewing gum promotes saliva production, which helps to suppress dry mouth. Dry mouths often lead to bad breath because the bacteria in the mouth cannot be washed away. In addition, chewing gum helps to remove stuck food particles from the gaps between the teeth. But you should not take them as a substitute for proper dental hygiene. You still need to brush your teeth and use dental floss.

There are also natural chewing gum flavored with peppermint and other herbs that will help mask your bad breath by removing debris from your teeth.

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Chew herbs such as mint, parsley, basil or buttercup. Although these herbs do not clean your teeth, they can suppress your bad breath with their strong aroma. This is only an immediate and short-term solution, so don’t rely on it in the long run. You should also be careful not to get any herbs left on your teeth. You don’t want to trade bad breath for bunches of parsley between your teeth.

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Chew nuts and seeds. Nuts have a strong aroma and their abrasive texture will help remove all food particles from your teeth, tongue and gums. Bad breath will help you perfectly mask dill or fennel seeds. Another great option that has a licorice-like taste and antiseptic effects is anise.

Fight bad breath with water

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Drink water with lemon or lime. In addition to being a healthy and tasty alternative to lemonade, this sour drink has strong effects in suppressing bad breath. Since one of the primary causes of bad breath is dry mouth – you certainly know your breath well after waking up – water will help you moisturize your mouth and suppress most of the odor.

Squeeze as much juice from the lemon as possible into the glass of water to help cover your bad breath. The acidity of lemons or limes prevents bacteria in the mouth from causing odors.

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Use the portable Waterpik. This device is often used as an alternative to dental floss. It uses a nozzle that releases water under pressure and removes food particles trapped between the teeth. But you can also use it to clean your tongue. Simply go to the bathroom, plug in the appliance and start cleaning. If you have mouthwash, you can add it to the tank to increase the effects of the whole process.

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Rinse your mouth with water. Then use a paper towel and brush your teeth with it. You can also use the inside of the shirt. This gives the teeth a very smooth surface, as if you had just cleaned them with a brush. Then rinse your mouth again. If you have a coarser paper napkin on hand, you can scrub your tongue with it and get a coating from it.

Bad breath control

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Ask someone for help. Most people try to expose their bad breath by breathing into their palms and sniffing, but this often only tells you how bad your hand smells. This technique is not an accurate indicator of bad breath, because our nasal cavities are connected to the mouth. The best way to immediately recognize bad breath is to ask someone else to evaluate it. Find someone close to you who will not pull away from you with such resistance, and let them sniff at your breath. Do not overdo it, a little breathing will suffice.

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Lick the inside of your wrist. Step aside and lick the inside of one wrist. Because your wrists don’t rub so much against other things, they’re a better indicator of your breath. Wait for the saliva to dry and then sniff at your wrist. This is one of the most accurate methods of feeling your true breath.

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Perform the test with a spoon. Take a spoon and place it upside down on the back of your tongue. Then slowly pull it to the front of your mouth. Then evaluate the deposit that you scraped off with a spoon. If it’s clear, then your breath is probably fine. But it will probably be milky white or yellowish. The material collected is a deposit of bacteria that has accumulated on your tongue. And it is these bacteria that are responsible for your bad breath.

It is therefore very important to scrub the back of the tongue with a toothbrush when brushing your teeth. This place is a breeding ground for bacteria that cause bad breath.

You can do this test similarly with a piece of gauze that you buy at any pharmacy. But spoons are usually available to everyone immediately.

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Let yourself be measured with a halimeter. Halimter will test for signs of sulfide in your breath. Sulfur compounds are usually found in the human mouth, but if they exceed a certain limit, they can indicate bad breath. Sulfur stinks like a spoiled egg, which is not exactly the aroma you would like in your mouth during an important meeting. This test will be performed by a dentist in the surgery, but if you want to buy your own device, you can, but expect a high price.

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Ask the dentist to perform gas chromatography. This test measures the level of sulfur and several other chemical components in your breath. This is the most effective test, the results of which are considered standard.

Find out when to visit the dentist

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You should see a dentist in case of chronic bad breath. If you have already tried most of the procedures described above, but none of them have helped you, it is time to visit the dentist. Bad breath is one of the clearest signs of gum or plaque problems. A dental hygienist or dentist can detect any deficiencies in your dental hygiene and help you fight the diseases you may be suffering from.

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Visit a dentist if you notice white spots on your tonsils. Look in the mirror in your mouth to find out the cause of your bad breath, and if you notice white spots in the back of your mouth on one side of your mouth (a suppository hanging in the back of your mouth), you should see a doctor. These white spots are known as almond stones or lumps and are calcified remnants of food, mucus and clumps of bacteria. Although they are relatively common, they must be removed very carefully.

French researchers have found that about six percent of the population have a certain amount of almond lumps to varying degrees.

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Also see a dentist or doctor if you suffer from chronic dry mouth and bad breath. Dry mouth odor is caused by several different bacteria. Dehydration is the primary cause of dry mouth, but it can also be caused by certain health problems, medications, and other systemic problems. Other causes may include nasal congestion, diabetes, antidepressant side effects, antihistamines and diuretics, radiotherapy and Sjögren’s syndrome. The dentist will refer you for an examination to a specialist who can identify the possible causes of your problem.

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