How To Heal Your Lung Naturally

The lungs and respiratory system have many natural defense mechanisms. The air that we breathe in through the nose is first filtered through many small hairs on the nasal mucosa. The lungs also secrete mucus, a thick, slimy, and sticky substance that forms a barrier and prevents many bacteria from sticking to tissues. Healthy lungs are essential to living a happy, content life. Unfortunately, our airways are also exposed to many of the harmful chemicals and substances we breathe in every day, which can lead to ill health and even diseases like tuberculosis, whooping cough, pneumonia, and bronchitis. Unfortunately, there are also longer and more serious diseases, such as asthma, emphysema and lung cancer, which put a lasting strain on the lungs. If you want to help your lungs heal, there are some natural methods you can try to get your airways back in tip-top shape.[1] X Research Source Quie, PG., Lung Defenses Against Infection. J Pediatr. 1986 May; 108 (5 Pt 2): 813-6 [2] X research source

The right diet and lifestyle

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Increase your intake of vegetables and fruits. In your daily diet, you should try to increase the amount of fruits and vegetables as much as possible. The lack of fresh vegetables and fruits is linked to lung diseases, especially asthma and obstructive pulmonary diseases. Fruits and vegetables are high in antioxidants, which have been shown to protect against asthma and obstructive pulmonary disease, and may also play a role in protecting against cancer.

Colorful fruits like blueberries, raspberries, apples, plums, oranges, and citrus fruits have the highest antioxidant levels, followed by leafy greens, winter and summer squashes, and pumpkins and peppers.

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Limit meat consumption. If you’re trying to improve your lung health, you should reduce your meat consumption, especially red meat. Those who do not want to do without beef choose lean and free-ranging animals without the use of hormones and antibiotics. Don’t eat meat with skin on either.

Poultry, such as chicken and turkey, is a rich source of vitamin A. People with vitamin A deficiency are more prone to bacterial lung infections. Increasing vitamin A intake helps kill harmful microorganisms in the lining of the lungs.

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Eat fatty fish. You should include more fish in your diet. Choose from fatty and lung-friendly fish such as salmon, mackerel, trout, herring or sardines. Oily fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that support lung health.

The anti-inflammatory properties of omega-3 fatty acids help increase exercise capacity, which in turn improves overall lung health.

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legumes a. A healthy diet also includes beans or other legumes, which you add to every meal. White, red, and tabby beans are great sources of protein. Beans, like other legumes like lentils, contain many vitamins and minerals that are essential for proper lung function.

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Switch to organic and organic foods. Dieting allows you to heal and protect your lungs better because you are giving them the vitamins and minerals found in some foods. Try to switch to organic food as much as possible. Studies show that too many different preservatives and additives in common ingredients can be linked to asthma attacks, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, including emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

These additives include, for example, sulfides, aspartame, parabens, tartrazine, nitrates and nitrites, hydroxytoluene butoxide and benzoates.

If you can’t make the switch to organic foods, at least try to avoid the types that contain these substances. Read labels and avoid risky foods whenever possible.

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Limit the consumption of semi-prepared and ready meals. If you’re trying to heal your lungs to support their function, minimize your consumption of convenience foods and processed foods. As a result, you eat far fewer additives and preservatives that can cause breathing difficulties and increased lung sensitivity. Try to cook as many dishes as possible from the basics, although of course this will take a little practice and planning.

Cooking more from the basics is generally healthier than using semi-finished products. This is because food contains the most vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

One way to tell if a food is overly processed is to look at its color. If it’s too white, like white bread, white rice, or white pasta, don’t eat it. Choose whole wheat bread, brown rice and whole wheat pasta.

This means that you should only include unprocessed complex carbohydrates in your diet. Avoiding white bread and similar foods is good for your body. When complex carbohydrates are processed, they are broken down into simple carbohydrates that your body can use.

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Take dietary supplements. Consider supplementing your diet with extra servings of minerals like magnesium, zinc, and selenium. These minerals are essential for proper lung function and improved health. You can also supplement your diet with vitamin D3 on a daily basis. Functional disorders of the airways are very often associated with a deficiency of vitamins of group D.

Always consult your doctor before taking any dietary supplement. Also observe the prescribed dosage instructions.

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Do not take beta-carotene supplements. Beta-carotenes are also found in natural foods and provide the building blocks of vitamin A. However, you should not take any dietary supplements if you smoke or are at risk of lung cancer. Some research suggests that consumption of beta-carotene supplements in smokers may be associated with an increased risk of lung cancer.

However, there is no evidence that high levels of beta-carotene in regular foods are associated with increased cancer incidence.

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Drink plenty of water. Drinking plenty of water keeps your lungs hydrated and devoid of a mucus layer. Try to drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day. Sufficient fluid is necessary to keep the mucus layer thin and not build up in the lungs and airways.

Instead of clean water, you can drink herbal teas and fruit juices. Any decaffeinated liquid is counted as a daily intake.

You can also increase your daily fluid intake by eating fruits and vegetables that are high in water. These include watermelons, tomatoes and cucumbers.

Participate in the exercise

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Practice cardio. Exercise is very important for maintaining a healthy heart, but of course it also benefits the lungs. Exercise increases blood flow to the lungs, allowing necessary nutrients to reach them. Start slowly at first and be careful not to overdo it. Find a pace that works for you, and you can gradually increase the load as you get used to it.

For starters, you can take a long or short walk, or use an elliptical trainer. These exercises aren’t very strenuous, but they can still stir up blood in your body and lungs.

If you have breathing problems or a lung condition, consult your doctor before beginning any new type of exercise. Your doctor can suggest examples of safe physical activity that will increase your lung capacity and strengthen your lungs.

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Start with breathing exercises. Breathing exercises are designed to help increase the amount of oxygen you can breathe in and improve your ability to exhale carbon dioxide. You may feel dizzy at first after this exercise. Therefore, most experts advise starting slowly but surely. Once you get used to what is best for you, you will find that you use it more and more often without having to consciously think about it.

You can find a personal trainer or physical therapist to teach you how to increase your lung capacity. Ask your doctor if he or she would recommend anyone.

Always consult a doctor or other health professional before beginning any exercise program. Your doctor may refer you to a pulmonary rehabilitation specialist to improve your lung health.

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Practice breathing with a swollen mouth. Most doctors and specialists will recommend one of two methods used to relieve breathing problems and increase lung capacity. The first way is to breathe with swollen lips. Start by inhaling through your nose for about 2 to 3 seconds. Then purse your mouth and exhale slowly through your pursed lips for four to nine seconds. Repeat as many times as you like.

If you feel uncomfortable, wait an hour and try again. It takes practice and determination, but if you don’t give up, you’ll soon find that you breathe easier and feel better.

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Learn to activate the diaphragm while breathing. You should learn diaphragmatic breathing, which basically means breathing into your belly instead of your chest. Although most people don’t breathe this way, it’s considered normal breathing. You use the diaphragm, a thin strip of muscle under the lungs that is the strongest breathing muscle. First relax your shoulders, back and neck. Put one hand on your stomach and the other on your back. Breathe in through your nose for two seconds. As you inhale, roll your stomach forward. Then exhale through the swollen lips while gently and slowly pressing on your abdomen to control your exhalation. This lifts the diaphragm up and strengthens the muscle.

You need to train this exercise for some time. It’s not easy to get used to the diaphragm, but remember what babies look like – they just breathe like that. They do not use any so-called “additional respiratory muscles”. These are located on the neck and neck, shoulders, back and chest. Once you learn how to breathe into the diaphragm, use it as long and as often as you like.

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Do deep breathing exercises. There is a variant of diaphragmatic breathing and puffy-lip breathing that was invented in Kansas City at the University of Missouri. If you want to try the deep breathing method, lie flat on your back. Place pillows under your knees and neck for comfort. Place your hands, palms down, on your stomach, just below your chest. Put your fingers together so you can feel them release and know if you’re doing the exercises correctly. Take deep, long breaths while stretching your abdomen. Your fingertips should separate.

This exercise ensures that you use the diaphragm instead of the chest to breathe. The diaphragm creates a vacuum that pulls more air into the lungs than normal chest breathing allows.

Do this exercise whenever you feel short of breath or as often as you can. You may feel a little strange at first because more oxygen is rushing into your lungs than you are used to. If at any point you feel uncomfortable, stop. However, you should repeat the exercise as often as you like.

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Use marbles. You can increase your lung capacity by strengthening your diaphragm. To use these methods, first begin with a deep breathing exercise. Then make a growling sound as you exhale. This sound moves your diaphragm and helps strengthen it. Do this exercise whenever you feel short of breath or as often as you can. At first you may feel a bit dizzy. Do not worry. This is because you’re getting a lot more oxygen into your lungs than you’re used to.

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If at any point you feel uncomfortable, stop, but you can repeat the exercise as many times as you like.

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Try Chinese breathing exercises. Sit comfortably before this exercise. Breathe in through your nose three times. As you take your first breath, raise your arms and stretch them out in front of you, keeping them at shoulder height. On the second breath, move your hands to the side, still keeping them at shoulder level. On the third breath, raise your outstretched arms above your head.

Repeat the exercise 1 to 15 times.

If you get dizzy during this exercise, stop . As soon as you stop, the lungs immediately start breathing normally.

use of herbs

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Use herbs. There are many types of herbs that can help with breathing and lung healing. There is no one right way to use herbs. You can drink them in the form of teas. You can take them as a dietary supplement. If you don’t want to consume them, you can harness their power in the form of aromatherapy and boil them in water. The whole room will smell you wonderful.

To prepare tea, use one teaspoon of dried herbs for one cup of boiling water. If you are using a pre-mixed supplement, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Try oregano. The Italian herb oregano has a natural anti-sleep effect, it is an antihistamine with antibacterial effects. The active ingredients are probably aromatic oils called carvacrol and rosemary oil. You can use this herb both fresh and dried, it is suitable for meat controls and tomato sauces.

You can also take oregano as a dietary supplement, most often in the form of an essential oil.

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Use mint. The active ingredient in mint is menthol. Menthol relaxes the airways, muscles and acts as an antihistamine. You can use fresh and dried mint, it is suitable for fish recipes or desserts. You can also get it in essential oil form that can be dripped into food, taken as a dietary supplement, or applied directly to the skin. There are also types of oils that can ignite and smell the air you breathe.

Do not apply mint or menthol oil directly to children’s skin. Menthol has been linked to slowing down breathing in children, which can be dangerous.

Many people use mint-based chest wraps or sprays that are sprayed down the throat to break up mucus.

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Try eucalyptus. The leaves of the eucalyptus tree have been used for centuries. It acts as a natural deburrer, loosening phlegm and making it easier to expectorate. The substances that cause these properties are cineol, eulalyptol and myrtol. Clinical studies show that eucalyptus can effectively treat both chronic and acute bronchitis. You can use eucalyptus oil orally or as a surface lube, but remember it always needs to be diluted.

Eucalyptus oil vapors have a decongestant effect when inhaled, making it very effective in treating bronchitis. Try dripping a few drops of oil into a bowl of hot water and inhaling the fragrant steam.

The diluted form of eucalyptus oil helps with coughs, airway swelling, bronchitis and many other respiratory problems.

You can also apply the oil to the skin of the chest to swell the mucous membranes in the airways.

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Take other accessories. Several other beneficial dietary supplements can also improve your lung health. For example, try a traditional herb called apple cider. It has been used by many nations and sciences including ancient Egyptian medicine, Ayurvedic medicine, Australian Aboriginal people and American Indians to treat a variety of respiratory diseases. Many drops that relax the respiratory tract and have an anti-cough effect contain apple cider. Take 1 to 2 drops every 1-2 hours as needed.

Lung medicine has been used for centuries as a remedy for lung diseases. It is a powerful antioxidant and has an expectorant effect to help you cough.

Oman Right contains inulin, which promotes mucus production and relaxes the airways. It also has antibacterial effects.

Do not use apple if you have diabetes or high blood pressure.

prevention of lung diseases

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Stop smoking. Prevention is always better than cure. Think about it and try not to expose your lungs to unnecessary stress, dust, carcinogens and smoke. So you should not start smoking and if you already smoke you should stop. Smoking damages your lungs, brings pollutants like nicotine into your body, and destroys your airways from constant exposure to smoke. Smoking also clogs the air sacs in the lungs with tar, which is extremely detrimental to their health.

You can experience severe withdrawal symptoms when you quit smoking. Common symptoms include mood swings, dizziness, weight gain, anxiety, depression, severe cough and insomnia.

You don’t have to stop alone and without help. You can join a treatment group, use nicotine gum and patches, or prescription drugs like Chantix.

For example, try one of the anonymous therapeutic groups or the official medical program offered by the Anti-Smoking League in the Czech Republic.

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Protect yourself from chemical pollution. If you live in an area with high levels of air pollution or suffer from asthma, there are a number of ways you can protect yourself. You can wear a respirator when you go out. You can buy a home air filtration system. This protects your home from contamination.

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There are special masks that protect respiratory health that you can buy. These masks contain activated charcoal, which prevents inhalation of most allergens, dirt, smoke and chemicals. You can also buy an even stronger mask with a P100 filter specifically designed for cold weather, or another type that encourages breathing.

You can also subscribe to an alerting system like EnviroFlash, which sends email alerts about the air quality in your area. With a small benefit, you can either stay at home when the air quality deteriorates, or you can prepare proper protective equipment in advance when you go out.

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Don’t stop coughing. One of the most natural things you can do to support your lungs is to allow yourself to cough. Many people use different cough suppressants, but in most cases you shouldn’t be doing this. Coughing clears the lungs of phlegm that may have allergens or infections on it. If you suppress the cough, this infected mucus stays in your airways.

You should only use cough medicine if your cough is life-threatening or if you are coughing so hard that you cannot catch your breath.

Consider treatments for asthma

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Control an asthma trigger. Asthma-related problems can seriously damage your lungs. The only way to avoid this is to prevent asthma attacks by knowing what triggers them, such as: B. the air quality and the relationship with your environment. If you have asthma, you should wear a special veil to protect you from common seizure triggers such as pollen, mold, pet dander, pollution, and smells and smells that are sometimes too strong.

You can also start using a special filtration system that will prevent common asthma triggers from entering your home.

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People who suffer from asthma should avoid certain foods. In asthmatics, the attack is often triggered by certain foods that are specific to each person. In general, it is recommended to avoid the most common asthma triggers. These are eggs, fish, peanuts, soy, yeast, cheese, wheat and rice. Foods that contain strong preservatives such as monosodium glutamate or nitrates and nitrites can also trigger asthma attacks. These substances also reduce the effectiveness of inhalers.

Common food allergies can be the basis for switching to a whole grain diet, which can benefit asthma sufferers.

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Avoid sugar and sugar substitutes. Sugar and its substitutes can cause a lot of damage to the lungs. Studies show that asthma is linked to a large amount of sugar consumed. Avoid sweets, sugary drinks, desserts and other sweet snacks.

If you need to sweeten tea or coffee, try a sweet plant called stevia, which is used as a sugar substitute.

When to see a doctor

See a doctor straight away if you feel short of breath. Even if you’re fine, shortness of breath can be a sign of a serious medical condition. Call your doctor and book same-day or visit an emergency room to find out what’s causing your symptoms. Then your doctor can make sure you get treatment quickly.

Always treat shortness of breath as an emergency. You’re probably fine, but better safe than sorry.

See your doctor if you have common symptoms of lung disease. Conditions like lung cancer, COPD, emphysema, asthma, and serious lung infections can cause similar symptoms. If you have lung problems, your doctor may examine you to determine the underlying condition of your symptoms. Then they will help you create a treatment plan that will heal your lungs. Call your doctor if you have the following symptoms:

pain when breathing


Persistent cough

Cough during exercise

whistles during training


Try to get regular check-ups if you are a current or former smoker. Quitting smoking can help your lungs recover. However, smoking can have long-term effects on your lungs, so it’s best to see your doctor frequently. It will monitor the health of your lungs so that any problems that arise are detected and treated in a timely manner, keeping your lungs as healthy as possible.

Ask your doctor how often you need to be checked up. It’s helpful to schedule appointments a year in advance so you know your lung health is still at its peak.

Talk to your doctor about an inhaler or medication to relieve pneumonia. Some medical conditions, such as asthma, COPD, and allergies, can cause airway inflammation. This inflammation can make it difficult for you to breathe, which both decreases your oxygen uptake and causes discomfort. Luckily, your doctor can prescribe oral medications or an inhaler to reduce inflammation to help you feel better.

Follow your doctor’s instructions.

In some cases, your doctor can perform a quick and painless in-office breathing treatment to quickly relieve inflammation.

Ask your doctor if you need an antibiotic to treat a bacterial infection. Most lung infections do not require an antibiotic because they are not caused by bacterial infections. Some respiratory infections, such as B. pneumonia, but can be caused by bacteria. In this case, your doctor may prescribe you an antibiotic to help you recover faster.

Take your medication as directed and use the entire pack, even if you feel better. If you stop taking your medication too soon, your infection may come back.

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