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Creating a meal plan is difficult in itself, but sticking to a diet is even more difficult. Maybe you’ve been on a diet for several months or just a few weeks and are struggling to stay motivated and persevere. If you really want to follow your diet, you have to find a way not to swerve, avoid temptations, and make the plan that’s most fun. If you want to know how to follow a diet, this article will tell you how.

stay motivated

Jak dodržet dietu: 12 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Prepare a plan and stick to it. For example, you may be motivated to set and achieve goals during your diet. If your goal is simply to “lose weight”, you won’t be as motivated as setting yourself a specific goal and creating a plan to help you achieve it. Here’s how:

Set a plan for each week. How many kilograms would you like to lose per week? Pick a day of the week to weigh yourself. Don’t weigh yourself every day or you’ll soon become obsessed with your weight.

Create a training plan for each week. You shouldn’t plan your workout months in advance, but you should plan what you want to be doing at the end of each week.

For example, you can stick to your plan by writing down everything you eat, all your workouts, and how many pounds you’ve lost. Journaling can help you a lot, but you have to be careful not to become unnecessarily obsessed with everything you eat.

You can also keep a journal and write down your thoughts on losing weight and analyze what you are doing. Find out what works and what doesn’t. It will help you stay in touch with your spirit.

Jak dodržet dietu: 12 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Be mentally strong. If you feel like breaking your diet, remember why you’re following it. Do you want to be fit in a bathing suit or is your weight seriously damaging to your health? Want to shed those ten pounds you gained in freshman year? Whatever your reasons, remind yourself why it’s important for you to stick to your plan and why you want to achieve your goal. Here are some ways you can keep your mental toughness even if you decide to give it up:

Have an idea of ​​what you want to look like when you lose weight—a kind of “before and after” mental photo. If you don’t want to go to a workout or you’re feeling like a whole tray of ice cream, keep this goal in mind.

Have motivational messages on your computer or elsewhere in the home. It will help you remember the reasons that made you stick with the diet from the start.

If you want to return to your original weight, you can place photos in the apartment from years past, when you looked like this now.

Have flashcards with reasons that will lead you to lose weight. Carry them in your wallet so you can pull them out and read them anytime. They will come in handy when you are tempted to break your diet.

Jak dodržet dietu: 12 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Reward yourself for good behavior. Following a diet requires a lot of mental toughness, so you should regularly remind yourself that you can do it. When you’re rewarded for good behavior, you have greater motivation to persevere and a better chance of actually losing weight. Here’s how:

Reward yourself for every 3 kg you lose. It depends on how much weight you need to lose overall, but you should come up with a reward system and be rewarded for every small goal you achieve. You can eat something good to make your diet feel better.

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If you’ve been eating healthy all week, you can treat yourself to something unhealthy at the weekend. It is not possible to eat healthy all the time.

Remember to say you are awesome and remember that achieving your goal is not easy. Your weight loss rewards may not always be in the form of food. For example, you can say that if you manage to stick to the diet for a whole month, you can then buy new shoes or clothes.

Jak dodržet dietu: 12 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Don’t go on a diet. Having someone guide you through the diet will give you more motivation. It will help you persevere and not break the diet because you will be working with someone who cares and encourages you. Here’s how to find someone to do it with you:

Find someone who also wants to go on a diet. If you know someone who is also trying to improve their body, you can share tips, train together and motivate each other. If you create a training plan together or weigh yourself together every week, you won’t feel alone or be mad about your diet.

Join an organization for people who want to lose weight, such as B. the We Watch Weight group. You can go to meetings of these groups or just use online resources. This will give you new motivation because you will see that there are thousands of people who are solving the same problem as you.

If you can’t find someone to diet or exercise with you, at least find someone you can trust, such as. B. a good friend or partner. This person will help point you in the right direction and will listen to you when you’re failing to stick to the diet.

Avoid temptation

Jak dodržet dietu: 12 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Eat three times a day. When you start skipping meals, you become tired, slow down and hungry, so you soon lose motivation. Eat foods like oatmeal for breakfast that keep you full for longer and prevent you from feeling hungry before lunch. Eat dinner as soon as you get home so you don’t overeat.

Realize that breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. If you miss it, you’ll be a lot hungrier at lunch and dinner, and you’ll end up wishing unnecessarily.

Don’t skip a meal just because you feel guilty about eating something unhealthy the day before. This disrupts your entire diet.

If you don’t have enough time, plan all your meals in advance. It will help you avoid unhealthy foods that you may encounter when you don’t have time to eat something healthy.

Jak dodržet dietu: 12 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Get rid of all that junk food you have at home. You shouldn’t throw away the food you have in the fridge or pantry, but you should make sure you don’t have anything unhealthy at home that could disrupt your diet. If you have unhealthy foods at home, you will be tempted to eat them. You can go through all the groceries you have at home and decide whether to throw them out, give them to someone in your family, or bring them to work and give out to co-workers.

Some foods that you think are unhealthy are only unhealthy in large amounts. For example, peanut butter is unhealthy if you eat it with a whole jar, but if you eat just a teaspoon of peanut butter with celery or carrots, for example, you can keep it.

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You can also get rid of junk food by writing healthy food shopping lists and not buying other foods. When you go shopping, just buy what’s on your list so you don’t bring home a lot of junk food.

Replace junk food with healthy food. Skip ice cream and eat yogurt instead. You should always have as many healthy snacks as possible at home.

Jak dodržet dietu: 12 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Also, learn to eat healthily in restaurants. The point is not to think that when you go to a restaurant, you have to completely break your diet and start over. At parties and in restaurants, you have to resist temptation a lot more than you would if you were to eat at home, but you don’t have to waste your nutrition just on a dinner with friends. How to stick to a diet even if you want to eat out:

Eat at home before going to a party. If you’re going to an event for a banquet or lots of tempting junk food, eat well at home before you go so you don’t go hungry. You can eat a little more than normal because what you eat at home is always healthier than what you find at the party.

Take healthy snacks with you wherever you go. If you’re in a place where you don’t have a healthy diet, take a packet of almonds, some fruit, or a nut mix to avoid unhealthy treats like popcorn.

Choose healthier meals at dinner. If you go to a restaurant for dinner, choose the healthiest thing on the menu, e.g. B. grilled chicken, brown rice or salad. Avoid greasy and greasy foods. Note that it is possible to eat at a restaurant without gaining weight.

Choose healthy snacks over unhealthy ones. If you’re at a party where there’s a wide variety of dishes, eat vegetables or Arabic bread instead of cookies, cake, or potato chips.

Jak dodržet dietu: 12 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Try to eat at home as much as possible. When you eat at home, you avoid temptations. Cooking all meals at home puts you in control of what’s on your menu. Eating outside allows you to choose healthier foods, but you’ll never know exactly what you’re eating. Here are tips on how to make the most of home cooking:

become a chef. When you enjoy cooking, you are more motivated and look for new healthy recipes.

Instead of going to a restaurant with friends, invite them home for dinner. Once you learn to cook better, you can invite your friends over for dinner instead of going to restaurants. It’s going to be cheaper, but you’ll also be able to cook healthier and have a more intimate atmosphere.

Eat your lunch at home or prepare it and carry it to work in a box. It’s easy to eat unhealthy food when you’ve had a hard day at work and don’t have anything healthy with you. If you make a healthy sandwich or salad at home, you won’t be tempted to eat unhealthy things throughout the day.

Don’t be punished

Jak dodržet dietu: 12 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

love what you eat There’s no point in going on a diet to eat foods you don’t like just to lose weight. Try different recipes and try to reduce your sugar and fat consumption. Dieting doesn’t mean eating foods you hate. It means discovering new healthier options and looking for foods that will help you lose weight. Here’s how:

Visit farmers markets and buy fresh organic plants. Find a new fruit or vegetable every week and learn how to cook healthy and tasty meals.

Avoid foods you don’t like. If you don’t like tofu or brown rice, don’t let yourself be tortured by forcing yourself to eat those things.

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Find a way to make your favorite foods healthier. If you love spaghetti with meatballs, learn how to cook whole wheat pasta with veggie balls.

Jak dodržet dietu: 12 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Find exercises that you enjoy. Sign up for dance classes or try tennis or swimming. If you find something you really like, you have a better chance of staying. If you like jogging, you can enjoy exercise in nature and beautiful views. Here’s how:

Don’t do anything you don’t like. If you’ve always hated running, you don’t have to run. Instead, try to walk more – twenty minutes a day is enough.

Try new types of exercises that you haven’t done before. Start with dance, yoga or Pilates and see if you enjoy these sports.

Alternately. If you don’t mind running but don’t want to run three times a week, alternate running with other sports. You can go jogging one day, do yoga the next day, and go swimming the next day, for example. This keeps your body and mind active and you won’t get bored while exercising.

Do not exaggerate. You don’t have to exercise every day — you don’t even have to exercise five or six days a week. Give your body enough rest to look forward to training even more.

Jak dodržet dietu: 12 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Not to starve. If you are so hungry that you crave any food, you have no chance of sticking to the diet. When you are hungry you make irrational decisions and easily succumb to junk food. Hunger will also cause you weakness and fatigue and you will feel generally negative. Here are some tips to help you avoid starvation:

Eat something to eat, or at least a snack, every few hours. You shouldn’t go five or six hours without food.

Always have a selection of healthy snacks on hand.

If you know that you will have lunch or dinner later than you are used to, prepare an additional snack so that you do not feel extreme hunger before the meal.

Not to starve. Starvation means less than 1,200 calories a day for women and less than 1,500 calories a day for men. Eating so little makes you weak and tired, plus it’s dangerous and totally unsustainable in the long run.

Jak dodržet dietu: 12 Kroků (s obrázky) – wikiHow

Treat yourself to something you love every now and then. In addition to the reward for losing weight, you should also take smaller diet breaks and treat yourself to exactly what you feel like, so that you don’t feel tied to your diet. If you don’t overdo it, it can only help you in the long run because it gives you the motivation to keep going.

If all your friends are going out to a meal that would disrupt your diet, you don’t have to stay home just to avoid that meal. If you want to see your friends, choose something healthier from the menu or eat your favorite junk food to get more motivation to workout the next day.

Give in to your taste every now and then. If you have a craving for chocolate, having a piece of chocolate is better than eating anything else you have at home except chocolate.

Eat a meal every now and then that breaks up your diet. For example, say that for every 10 healthy meals, you can have a meal of your liking. This way you will still have enough motivation and still eat 90% healthy.

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